Masonic Community Blood Program:

The Norfolk Masonic Temple and it's appendant bodies and organizations host and participate in the Masonic Community Blood Program. 

Program Charter

The purpose of the Masonic Community Blood Program is to strengthen those Lodge Blood programs now in existence, integrate and coordinate them into an effective statewide activity, and to encourage creation of such programs in Lodges which do not have them. The program serves as a Masonic service to the community by assuring the availability of blood products.

Program History

The Masonic Community Blood Program continues the time-honored tradition of Masons serving the public by strengthening community blood resources. Masons and the public at large benefit in a way that saves lives. While Virginia Masons have been active blood donors for decades, since its inception as a charitable focus of Virginia Masonry, the Masonic Community Blood Program, with Masons as organizers of blood drives and as individual donors, has generated donations of many thousands of pints of life-saving blood. The Masons of Virginia are proud to serve their fellow citizens through this selfless effort.

Be sure to check out the Calendar of Events for the next scheduled Blood Drive.

Virginia Child Identification Program (VACHIP):

The Virginia Freemasons schedule and bring this fine program to communities throughout Virginia. VACHIP is a part of the International Masonichip network ( sponsored by the Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North America. All identifying items generated at VACHIP Events are placed in a pack and given to the parent or guardian to take home for safe keeping. If their child becomes missing, the pack can then be provided to law enforcement to aid in recovery and identification. The Virginia Freemasons keep nothing but the permission form signed by the parent prior to participation in the event. Vachip is a Donor based 501(c)(3) program.

To date the program has held 778 VACHIP events and has provided 35,026 children with identification packets. It is our sincerest hope that no family will need the resources provided in our packets, but if the need should arise we believe the information that we provide from our program will be instrumental to law enforcement agencies in recovery of missing children.