Your Impact

An important tool for sustaining our Masonic Temple is the development of a prioritized list of necessary projects which will improve and update our facility. The following list provides the anticipated timelines and budgetary requirements for the urgent and routine issues that have been identified for the improvement of your Masonic Temple.

Donors wishing to sponsor any of these projects are encouraged to contact RW Tully Carr at (757) 620-9672 to make arrangements and to be recognized for actively supporting the Temple.

1) Increase the Temple Endowment Fund by at least $500,000 – Current Balance is $94,000 and total investments of $117,000
2) Develop a Comprehensive Building Systems Maintenance and Replacement Plan, including items such as:
o Cooling system assessment is complete and a plan to
improve system reliability and efficiency is being formulated. Our boilers have been inspected and adjusted by a local company that specializes in that area and they are operating at peak efficiency. We are fortunate enough to have several individuals within our membership that have a significant amount of experience in the necessary trades and we have established a relationship with a local industry partner that is sensitive to our financial situation and is sympathetic to our fraternity.

CRITICAL PROJECTS – current requirement
1) Mortar Joint repointing/repair around building ($45-$60K) * scope variable
2) Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning System Upgrades ($24K)
3) Plaster repairs throughout the building to include texture and paint ($14K)
4) Lighting upgrades throughout building ($3K)
5) Door repairs both ends of hallway, auditorium, and South West exit door ($3K)

REQUIRED PROJECTS – near-term requirement
1) Parking Lot drainage improvements ($25K)
2) Window Upgrades to improve weatherproofing ($14K)
3) Flooring Repairs ($3K)
4) Awning at the Main Entrance ($28K)

IMPORTANT PROJECTS – longer-term requirement
1) Elevator upgrade/addition ($45K)
2) Interior cosmetic improvements ($10K)
3) Improve Security camera system around building ($5K)
4) Dishwasher install/upgrade ($10K)
5) Medical/AV storage room renovation/organization
6) Upgrade Sign in front of Temple to electronic display ($5K)

Many of these projects can be completed by supporting any of the fundraisers detailed below, or even hosting your own fundraiser on behalf of the Norfolk Masonic Temple Improvement Funds.

Owning a Piece of the Temple
A fundraising effort is underway to make it possible

to own a part of the Norfolk Masonic Temple.

Pieces of the original fascia stone from the Norfolk

Masonic Temple will be prepared and available for

sale.  200 of the stones will be prepared and will be

available for a donation of $100 or more to the Norfolk Masonic Temple. Each stone will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity including the number of the stone.

The generous donations for the stones will be used toward essential repairs to the building that will enable us to ensure the continuity of this Virginia Masonic landmark for future generations to enjoy.

Contact RW Tully Carr at (757) 620-9672 for more information about this opportunity. There is also a sign-up sheet to order the stones located on the table inside the main Temple entrance.

Dedicating a Chair at the Temple
Have a chair in one of the rooms of the Temple dedicated

with a name of your choice.

The cost is $100.00 per chair dedication.  The name which

you choose will be permanently attached to the chair of

your choice* by means of a 1" x 2.25" brass plaque, as

shown in the photo to the right.

All proceeds to benefit the Norfolk Masonic Temple.

The Presiding Officer and Board Representative will work with the person paying for chair dedication to agree on what chair is to be selected.  Once the plaque is received, the building superintendent will install it on the assigned chair.

*No Officer Chairs Will Be Included In This Fund Raiser!

The dedication will be limited to two (2) lines of text.
                 First line of text is typically: "Donated by" (or) "In Memory of"
                 Second Line: Dedicated Person’s Name, with Masonic honorific, such as Bro., Wor., RW., MW.,Ill., will be accepted before person’s Name

Make checks payable to: Norfolk Masonic Temple
Credit Cards may be accepted through your Lodge, check with your secretary.
All Money/Checks and order forms will be turned over to the Temple Board of Directors Representative for your Lodge or other Masonic body. He will also have the sign-up sheet to record your dedication. Any other questions should be directed to the Lodge Rep.